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Welcome to Reptile Guru!

(a division of Jungle Bob Enterprises, Inc.)
Jungle Bob 's Reptile World, our flagship store in Selden, New York has been long associated with quality.... from the Jungle Bob Brand of products that we manufacture, the feeders we supply, to the animals that we sell.
Myself and our staff of reptile experts have also been referred to as "Reptile Gurus" over the years after helping thousands of keepers, from novice to advanced with questions on a wide variety of reptile related topics.
We humbly accept this GURU title.
This Reptile Guru site will be an ANIMALS only site that will offer the finest in terms of quality and will be packed with great pics of animals for sale, care sheets and videos of the finest in reptile, amphibians and invertebrates.
All shipments from this site will be Fed EX overnight priority one to ensure the well being of the animals. 
You can still purchase all your supplies and feeders at where you will enjoy a wide variety of shipping options at the lowest rates possible to get your supplies to your door safe and sound.
Jungle Bob's Reptile World and the REPTILE GURU's are dedicated to offering our expertise and thank you for your patronage! 
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